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Things we (recruiters) don’t like about your CV


  1. Spelling errors, typos and poor grammar
  2. Too Duty-Oriented: A resume that reads like a job description and fails to explain what the job seeker’s accomplishments were and how they did so.
  3. Dates not included or inaccurate dates
  4. Contact Info: none or inaccurate contact info, unprofessional e-mail addresses
  5. Poor formatting: boxes, templates, tables, use of headers and footers, etc.
  6. Functional resumes as opposed to writing a chronological resume
  7. Long Resumes: too long
  8. Paragraphs: Long paragraphs instead of bullet-points
  9. Unqualified Candidates: Candidates who apply to positions for which they are unqualified
  10. Personal Info included not relevant to the job
  11. Employer info not included and/or not telling what industry or product candidate worked in
  12. Lying, misleading (especially in terms of education, dates and inflated titles)
  13. Objectives or meaningless introductions
  14. Font choice – poor font choice or style
  15. Resumes sent as PDF, ZIP files, faxed, web page resumes or mailed. Resumes not sent as WORD Attachment
  16. Pictures, Graphics or URL links no recruiter will call up
  17. No easy-to-follow summary
  18. 1st or 3rd Person – Resumes written in the 1st or 3rd Person
  19. Gaps in employment
  20. Burying important info in the resume
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