Team Leader – Manufacturing & Production

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Job Description

Job Title: Team Leader

Department: Operations

Reporting to: Section Manager

Job Summary

The Team Leader is responsible for assisting the Section Manager in the day to day running of the production areas and all personnel within their area of control, including taking responsibility and covering the Section Managers duties should they request it or be off site.

Responsible for all aspects of Safety within their Section(s) of responsibility, as well as managing output and quality control.

The Team Leader will supervise all employees of the Section and is responsible for the first line performance management of the employees within that department as required.

The purpose of a Team Leader is not to give each few employees their own supervisor, but to organise the manufacturing sections so that the Section Manager has better control of their areas of the factory and the teams within them.

It’s important for the Team Leader to communicate with their reports, and to support their Section Manager so that the Section runs smoothly.

Team Leaders will be expected to manage material into their area from their suppliers (internal or external) in order to progress material flow through the factory, and to then pass it along to their Sections’ customer (internal or external) as soon as the operations are complete. This will include the setting performance expectations to their team(s), and managing their team(s) performance in order to drive improvements to the productivity of their area.

You will run the daily production morning meeting, at 8am, at your SQCDP board as required by your Section Manager.

Key DutiesSafety

Safety is the number one priority within this business.

As a Team Leader you are expected to set an example to the team(s) reporting into you, to supervise the section in such a way that there is zero tolerance to dangerous practices, unsafe working or non-compliance with any safety rule. You will deal with any first line performance management of non-compliance with Safety rules and communicate this with your Section Manager.

Supervise your Section so that no safety issues, incidents, lost time accidents or injuries occur.

You will support your Section Manager with investigations as required.

You will drive the safety culture and performance of this business forward by engaging with your team on Risk Assessments, as well as working with the Safety Manager and Section Managers to trial new PPE and other safety equipment in order to best protect your team.

Escalate any issues to both your Section Manager and the Engineering department to ensure that the machines/equipment in your Section are in safe working order and any breakdowns are resolved in a timely manner to minimise plant downtime.


Determine causes of nonconformity with products being supplied into your department, and work with the Procurement/Engineering team and other Section Managers to drive out these non-conforming issues.

Assist the Section Managers with the Standard Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures and Risk Assessments for all tasks within your Section. Operating methods and procedures are designed to eliminate safety issues, operating problems and improve product quality.

Conduct quality inspections as required, feeding back issues to your supplier (be it internal departments or external suppliers via the Procurement Team) until they are resolved.

Assist the C.I. Manufacturing Engineer and your Section Manager in all Continuous Improvement activities.


Coordinate production activities with procurement, maintenance and quality control activities to obtain optimum production and utilization of human resources, machines and equipment.

Supervise the day to day production activities and establish priorities for material going through your area.

Set performance expectations to your teams, and manage them against these targets.

Consults with the Engineering and Section Manager in order to modify your machines and equipment in order to improve production throughput and increase the quality of products.

Work with other Team Leaders to ensure material is progressed through all areas of the factory safely and quickly.


Ensure a zero tolerance for nonconforming products and 100% delivery of targets and objectives, all with the cost structure for the business.


Revise production schedules and priorities as result of equipment failure or operating problems in order to maintain the delivery output expectations of the Section.

Ensure that there is enough inventory on hand for your team to be fully utilised for their working day, and to plan ahead to ensure the following days’ work is lined up and ready in advance.

Maintain zero arrears in each of your work centres, and keep production material days waiting / days on hand to a minimum.


Train your teams to be the best they can. Cross-training and an engaged multi-skilled workforce is key to the business succeeding.

Assist your Section Manager to maintain the Training Matrix to keep your teams skills up to date in both your Sections, and others. This will help flex the labour to where it is required during busy/quiet periods.

Deal with first line issues, return to works, file notes, verbal warnings, etc, as required by your section manager.

Accommodate or improvise any shortages in staff due to vacation, illness, or personal difficulties


  1. Technical Capacity.
  2. Leadership.
  3. Communication Proficiency.
  4. Performance Management.
  5. Learning Orientation.
  6. Ethical Conduct.

Required Education and Experience

GCSE’s C or above in English, Maths, & Science. Min. 1.5 years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Education and Experience

A-Level / NVQ / BTEC. 3+ years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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